Secure Payment Gateway

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A payment gateway is the secure connection through which transactions are submitted to the banking network for authorization, settlement and reporting. Our secure payment gateway is used by businesses in the US & Europe and throughout the world

Use Cases

What is a Payment Gateway?

Merchant accounts have two parts. The first is the merchant account itself. The second is the payment gateway.

Merchant accounts are established with acquiring banks. When your account is approved by the acquiring bank, you are authorized to accept card payments. Part one of your merchant account is then complete.

However, you still need a payment gateway to process payments.

A payment gateway is the connection through which transactions are encrypted and submitted to the secure banking network for authorization, settlement and reporting. The results of the authorization (approved, declined) are returned within seconds. In addition to card processing, payment gateways can include ACH, echecks, cryptocurrency, and other forms of payments.


How Secure Payment Processing Gateways Protect You

The payment gateway is Level 1 PCI-DSS certified, the highest level of payment processing security available. PCI-DSS is an acronym for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which is a set of requirements which ensure that all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.


How the Payment Gateway Helps Prevent Fraud

Fraud prevention is important to all businesses. Whether you are a standard or payment gateway merchant, the fraud fighting tools in the payment gateway will help you identify good orders, decline bad ones, and set aside questionable ones for manual review.